Mafanikio organizes internships and volunteer placements for local and international students where they work in local institutions while living with the host families. We are on the forefront of integrating educational cultural diversity between the North and the South, giving students a peak into different perspectives and practices. We have vast experience of mentorship of local and international students respectively and have positively steered them to engage in fighting for human rights in diverse sectors. We are proudly associated with some big names on the international scenes

Mafanikio has contributed immensely to community development through various programmes that were tailored to meet her objectives. “Mafanikio” which means success has over the years worked hand in hand with the communities to improve learning infrastructures and offered opportunities in education through high school fund to underprivileged children


To mobilize all purpose resources to assist in the improvement of all livelihoods in the needy communities.

To provide an opportunity for experimental learning and exchange of useful ideas through exchange programmes.

To create awereness on topical issues such as environmental conservation,girl child education,civil education.

To provide youth development and empowerment.


Mafanikio Community Trust Organization (Kenya) was first registered as a Community based organization in 2003 under the Ministry of Social Services, to promote community development in marginalized areas of Lari and Ukia locations respectively.
Later in 2012, Mafanikio changed her registration to a Trust in order to operate on a wider scope. Mafanikio is a three tier organization headed by the Advisory board, secretariat and the Partners. 

We boast of alumni of over 200 students’ boys and girls through our high school programme and hosting and mentorship of over 250 international students on Internship & Volunteer Programme respectively, rehabilitation of Primary Schools in Ukia location, Kaiti Constituency and distribution of enormous amount of text books to the schools

Our working areas are Ganda in Malindi Kilifi County, Marigoinne South B, Nairobi and Shimoni in Kwale County respectively

We believe in partnerships and team work. "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".


Mafanikio is made up of a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about their work. 

Salim Ibrahim Nyambu

Logistics Advisor

Salim has vast experience in logistics and resource management and works behind the scenes to ensure the programmes are delivered as structured. He is dedicated in community development and offers consultancy services on all matters pertaining to Human resource related activities & financial analysis.

Diana Chipo Munanairi

International Coordinator & Partnerships.

Diana is very passionate about rural development and has vast experience in women empowerment programmes, education development and internationalization.She consults for several international universities.

Sonia Maria Gakuru

Communication Strategist

Sonia Maria Gakuru is very passionate about education and rural development. She uses her professional skills as a journalist to share the journey of development gains and challenges and continuously highlights the need for community involvement.

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