Interns at a local hospital
Volunteers teaching in  a primary school
Interns in an operating room

Mafanikio organizes internships, research and voluntary services across all sectors. Actively, internships are organized in the areas of nursing, obstetrics, physical therapy, occupational therapy etc. as well as in teaching, pedagogy, business management and tourism. In order to implement this, we work in partnership with local institutions which allow us to place intern students to undertake professional work under supervision for 6 -12 weeks respectively. Attention is paid to detail in order to ascertain successful internship experience for the students. With students from Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Ireland & Denmark, we have remarkable experience to ensure comfort, satisfaction and a journey into Kenya’s professional culture is realized. Mafanikio Structured Volunteer program is designed to suit the needs of individual projects and volunteers as a mutual benefit. Far from the cliché of volunteering, this program is not just volunteering, it is a life-changing experience that places you out there to come to terms with your strengths, weaknesses and conquer your fears. It is very dynamic and offers endless possibilities which in the end bring in satisfaction. Research is also professionally organized and have seen interesting thesis submitted.

Volunteers building a classroom floor
A Volunteer speaking to a group of students
Mafanikio group donating desks to a local School

For the past 7 years, Mafanikio has worked with various schools in Ukia location through mentorship, school development, feeding programme & high school education fund. As time goes, we are also embracing the change thus aligning towards promoting rural development through education and reading materials. Almost all children in the rural areas are disadvantaged by the fact that they do not have access to basic learning materials, desks let alone exposure. These crops of children who constitute approximately 40% in the country are expected to compete on the same platform with their city counterparts at the end of every year. The imbalance is wanting and therefore, there is need to open up the world for them at the comfort of their territories. This is implemented through focusing on improving learning infrastructure by providing text books, desks, teachers furniture and gradually introducing a platform of international sphere, where students access school based information for reference through ICT. This enlightens the students and motivates them to learn hence embracing education. Another component is promoting education well- being in these schools through introducing learning initiatives and support of the feeding programme. . 

Rural Women beneficiaries posing for a picture with a Volunteer
Volunteers and local women getting some land ready through the Women Development Fund
Mafanikio Org giving out a cheque to fund the Wasini water project

Women empowerment was the basis formation of Mafanikio. Our first project was focused on women empowerment through communal farming and capacity building trainings in Kirasha village, Kamae location, Kiambu County. Over the years, the project developed and produced economic empowered groups which have since become independent. Fast track, Mafanikio is working with rural women to instill empowerment power through capacity building, health and well-being in order to strengthen their participation in community development. Rural women for a long time been sidelined for various reasons yet they remain the major backbone in family prosperity. They continue to hold the world together. We are working with women in Miwani and Mere areas respectively. . 

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